The Duke

The Duke



No one takes care of the commoners of Dingwall better than the villages resident nobleman, THE DUKE and his faithful slobbering hound Hubert.

The Duke happily sells his priceless furniture and paintings to raise money for the villages poor. Wherever Hubert goes, mayhem follows much to the tolerant chagrin of all who work there, especially The Duke’s loyal and trusted butler, Chives.

Horrified that his future inheritance is being sold to feed the greedy commoners, The Dukes snivelling nephew, Cecil, vows to wrestle control of the estate from the Duke. On his deathbed the Duke overhears Cecil’s plans and makes the only rational choice... The Duke leaves his estate and family jewels to Hubert.

Hubert turns the world of high society upside down resulting in Mrs Puddingforth’s appointment as an etiquette expert to educate Hubert in social graces. Meanwhile Cecil is determined not to let a dog take his family jewels and concocts a plan to get them back.

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