MVP - Most valuable primate

MVP - Most valuable primate



Jack, a three-year-old chimpanzee is the subject of experiments involving sign language with Dr. Kendall. Dr. Kendall then loses funding for his research and his boss (Dr. Peabody) sells Jack to a medical research lab.

Dr. Kendall dies from a heart attack (off camera) but had already arranged for Jack to be taken away from the lab... but Jack was sent to Canada by mistake. In Canada, Jack finds shelter in a tree house but a young deaf girl named Tara enters the tree house and Jack surprises her causing her to faint.

When Tara wakes up she learns he can use sign language, she attempts to hide Jack from her parents and brother Steven but is unsuccsesful . Steven soon discovers that Jack has an uncanny ability to play the sport of ice hockey and Jack joins Steven’s junior league hockey team when it is discovered that there is no rule that chimpanzees can’t play hockey.

Just before the championship, Dr. Peabody returns to reclaim Jack...

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