Lily. More than puppy love

Lily. More than puppy love



Lily wants a puppy. In fact, she wants a puppy more than anything she’s ever wanted. Her parents found what they believe to be the perfect puppy for her.

Arriving at the farm, a puppy runs into Lily’s arms showering her with happy licks! In an instant, a little boy snatches the puppy right out of Lily’s arms. To Lily’s dismay, she finds out that this is the last puppy and it now belongs to the little boy. As he walks away, the puppy looks sadly at Lily as if he’s saying “don’t let him take me!”

The following day Lily’s parents receive a call asking them if they had seen the puppy...the other family had lost him on their way home from the farm. Lily and her parents offer to help search for the puppy. But ultimately, the search is in vain. On her own, Lily continues searching for the puppy, knowing in her heart that she will find him. But finding him and giving him up might not be all that easy.

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