Chihuahua Too

Chihuahua Too



Jan, Jared, their parents, and Homer the big loveable golden retriever drive up a long mountain road arriving at a beach house that has been in the family for generations.

At long last the estate lawyer found them, being the only remaining distant relatives of Zelda and Charles Fastener. The family is greeted by the estate lawyer on the front steps of the beach house to hand over the keys and give them a tour. In the living room, Jan asks about the portrait of the Chihuahua over the fieplace. The Lawyer exclaims that Sophia was a famous dog star from the silent movie era peaking everyone’s curiosity!

Homer and the kids busy themselves by investigating the house and find an old projector with canisters of film.The family has a movie night and sees Sophia in action! Homer watches Sophia in the movies and becomes quite star struck.

The loyal golden retriever senses another dog in the house and much to his surprise, finds Sophia. He soon realizes that only he can see her. Now it is up to him to make them all realize that Sophia’s ghost is there wanting their love.

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