The Wee Man

The Wee Man



The true life and crimes of Paul Ferris. Based on the life and memoirs of Paul Ferris,

The Wee Man throws light on the world of corruption, crime, policing and prison services during Glasgow’s gang war heydey at the end of the millennium. 1970’s Blackhill, Glasgow: 11 year old Paul Ferris has learned quickly that life on the street is tough. Everyone know’s their place. Poverty breeds corruption, crime, violence & bullying.

Growing immersed in a culture of crime, Ferris finally snaps when tormented one too many times by a viscous gang of bullying neighbourhood brothers who have made his childhood a living hell. Now in his late teens, despite his father’s advice and in the frustrated knowledge that the law enforcement and Police do nothing to help, he decides to take on his tormentors alone and systematically wreak vengeance on them.

Consequently attracting a street reputation, Ferris is sought out by the “Godfather” of the Glaswegian gangster community, Arthur Thompson Snr.

Again ignoring his father’s advice, he starts to work for the gangland boss throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, rising through the ranks.

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