The Best of Country Calendar 2018

The Best of Country Calendar 2018


New Zealanders of all ages, rural and urban, love seeing the people, activities and landscapes that Hyundai Country Calendar brings to their TV screens on Sunday evenings.

This collection showcases some of the team's favourite shows from 2018 and reflects the extraordinary diversity of rural people's lives and the enterprises they undertake.

It features traditional activities such as farming sheep and cattle on Central Otago's scenic Routeburn Station and catching flounder in Hokianga Harbour, alongside newer ventures involving manuka honey in the Far North, organic chickens in Hawkes Bay, Saxon sheep in Marlborough and, even more ground-breaking, farming fresh-water koura in Otago and growing hemp in Central Hawkes Bay.

It has been a privilege and a joy for our team to meet these people and have the opportunity to tell their stories. We believe you will gain equal enjoyment from watching.

Approx Running time: 274 minutes

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