A Puppy for Christmas

A Puppy for Christmas



Noelle has the perfect set-up: a successful job, a handsome boyfriend and the life of her dreams.

She is only missing one thing. Deciding to finally take the plunge, Noelle adopts an adorable puppy. However, her life does not become the dream she imagined it would. Instead her new furry friend turns her world upside down and soon they are facing Christmas alone.

Accepting an invitation to spend the holidays with her coworker, Liam, she is surrounded by the Christmas cheer of a warm, happy family. Sparks soon begin to fly between Noelle and her host as the warmth of the season ignites something between them.

But when Noelle’s estranged boyfriend tracks her and proposes in an attempt to win her back, Noelle must decide which life she wants. Will it be the safe, successful world she knows, or an unpredictable future with the man who is quickly winning her heart?



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