The Heart of Christmas

The Heart of Christmas



A heartwarming film inspired by the true story of Dax Locke, a terminally ill child whose wish for a final Christmas unites an entire community.

Megan (Candace Cameron Bure), a successful yet harried wife-mother-businesswoman, steps out her front door to take her son trick-or-treating only to discover that their street is decked out for Christmas. Seeing Megan’s confusion, a neighbour explains that the decorations are for Dax Locke, a local boy who is fighting a rare form of leukemia. She encourages Megan to read about Dax on his mother, Julie’s (Jeanne Neilson) blog...“it will change your life.”

As Megan reads, she joins the Locke family on their incredible and heartbreaking journey that culminates in Dax leaving the hospital when it becomes clear that the cancer is terminal. Determined to give his son one last Christmas, Austin Locke (Eric Jay Beck) surprises Dax with a Christmas tree, even though it’s October. As she reads this, Megan realises what the rest of the neighbourhood already has: that they have the chance to help grant Dax’s dream. She rallies her family and joins the neighbourhood in giving Dax and his family a magical night to remember.

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