Marriage Retreat

Marriage Retreat



Jeff Fahey (Lost, Machete), Reginald Vel Johnson (Family Matters, Die Hard), and Victoria Jackson (Saturday Night Live, Baby Boom) star in this funny, heartfelt story about the difficulties many marriages face along with some simple solutions to solving some of the problems that doom marriages to fail.

A trio of unhappily married couples on the brink of divorce head to a mountain retreat where they are subjected to unorthodox and seemingly comical methods by Dr. Sullivan (Fahey) and his wife Katrina (Jackson). Each couple has secrets that have slowly put a wedge between them. They cannot see past their partner’s flaws to recognize how they themselves have contributed to the erosion of their love.

As the couples struggle through the program for marital bliss, it seems like it will take a miracle to rebuild what was lost. Dr. Sullivan issues them one last-ditch test. Through this outlandish ultimatum, they soon discover it’s not “what” they are missing from their lives but “who” — Jesus.

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