Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls


Something has entered Earth’s Solar System that is creating disaster among the outer planets. A small Black Hole is heading straight towards our Sun!

The effect of the Black Hole begins to tear the world apart. Tidal waves wipe out Los Angeles. Paris is pummeled by earthquakes and massive devastation to the polar ice-caps ravage large parts of Japan and Asia. Mankind realizes there is only one chance of survival. We must build a massive Space Ark to escape our Solar System before it is destroyed.

In the ruins of a Mayan Temple, a scientist discovers a map carved on the wall that outlines a possible road to salvation. 12 Crystal Skulls hidden across the planet that, if joined together, will create a force-field to save the Earth. But where are they and who created these skulls?

Is mankind doomed and facing final extinction? Or will the skulls save humanity.

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