Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion



In 1979 a UFO is spotted over Ukrainian territory in the Soviet Union. A squadron of MIG 23 fighters are dispatched to intercept it. After an air battle with a number of fighters being lost the UFO is eventually brought down by a mass of air to air missiles eventually grounding it whereby it is then transported to a top secret facility in the Soviet Union.

Now more than 30 years later the Soviet Union is gone, the political machine that kept its secrets has changed and the technology has fallen into the hands of various rogue governments around the world. Using the cold fusion material from the crashed UFO engines a very small but lethal weapon has been developed.

With the world on the verge of total destruction a top secret organisation within the United States Government is given the task to infiltrate the terrorist facility. On what might be a suicide mission the US dispatch their most highly trained assassin and spy and Russia’s top female operative to try and save the planet.

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